Sentential Links #101

Wow, I’ve done this series for over two years now. How time flies!

:: So at your next orchestra rehearsal, Tupperware party, city council meeting, ice cream social, wedding reception… whip out Terror — Again… Now, more than ever.

:: Super-human TeeVee critic Brian Lowry wrote an interesting defense of critics. It’s curious that entertainment critics find it necessary to continue defending their jobs. It’s beginning to come off as more than mere “you just don’t understand what we do” bullshit, though. It sounds defensive.

:: But the point is, I don’t think my operating system should display such an alarming and annoying mind of its own. I do not purchase an OS just so it can one day up and decide that the settings I’ve put in place aren’t good enough anymore.

:: I really wanted to type the actual f-word, but my mom (Hi, Mom!) reads this blog and she hates that word with a passion.

:: In the ’40s, when Wonder Woman was first introduced, she left the Amazon’s to help fight Nazis. It was a admirable reason and nobody questioned it. I don’t think anyone today would question it either. But in the mid-’80s when Perez rebooted the concept, there wasn’t an easy enemy like that who needed a Wonder Woman butt-whoopin’. So, Perez gave her the Mission.

:: This is what it takes to be President, according to one of the most influential journalists in America: The ability to be passively accepted in a part someone else has written for you, someone else has directed your performance in, someone else has dressed you for, someone else has photographed to make you look like what you’re playing, and someone else has edited to make sure only the very best of what you said and did makes it onto the screen, proves you are what you appeared to be and that then qualifies you to be President of the United States.

:: What does it mean for the universe…when a GOD DIES? (It makes sense in the context of the post.)

:: Homeownership sucks. Responsibility sucks. Nothing like homeownership — particularly in a market with declining real-estate values — to make one yearn for the simpler days of an apartment, a mailbox with everyone else’s by the front entrance, a community pool and a call to Maintenance when things went wrong.

:: Today is the 33rd anniversary of one of the most staggering promotional failures in American sports history.

:: But any way you look at it, 11 years is a heck of a long time for two people to live together and not strangle each other (Lisa insists those times I’ve woken up late at night with her pushing a pillow down over my face doesn’t count as “strangling”). So, hey, I’m up for another decade-plus-one. Who’s with me? (Well, I’m certainly not. Jayme screams in his sleep, I’m told. But congrats on the anniversary!)

All for now. Tune in next week.

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