Well, that’s a head-scratcher….

I’ve been remiss in living up to the obligations I’ve incurred in being named by Teflon Jedi as a recipient of the “Thinking Blogger” award — in fact, I’ve been so remiss that I’ve now been tagged twice with this award, this time by Samurai Frog. Aieee! By the rules, when you’re tagged with this award, you’re supposed to then tag five other bloggers who make you think. So now, it seems that I’m now tasked with tagging ten blogs of such repute!

So here are blogs that make me think:

Sean: I seem to be disagreeing with him more and more, but that’s still thinking. And way back when, he made me think, “Hmmm, I should get a blog myself!”

Attempts by Stephen Frug always has very thoughtful commentary, even if he’s planning to embrace the sporadic.

I’m going to brazenly cheat here: No Fear of the Future is a group blog, so I’m using it to take up six of my nominations, one for each of its contributors! Heh! In your face, Flanders! (Now, how the award works with respect to Group Blogs isn’t clear — I think that each contributor to No Fear should have to nominate at least three thinking blogs of their own. Ha!)

Pratie Place is a very thoughtful place, indeed.

Finally, since I’m always linking him anyway in Sentential Links, I’ll give the award to Lance Mannion. He makes me think a lot about politics and movies and why I can’t stop watching Studio 60 even though, in all honesty, it blows.

OK, that’s it for that, and if I ever get the award again, I’ll nominate an entirely new set of blogs.

UPDATE: Oops, I forgot one of the rules for the Thinking Blogger award: to link the original source of the award. That would be The Thinking Blog.

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2 Responses to Well, that’s a head-scratcher….

  1. Sean Meade says:

    wow, Jaq. thanks! i will certainly link and play soon.

  2. melinama says:

    Thanks so much! I appreciate your reading! Appreciate your blog, too. And — hang in there!

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