Sentential Links #217


:: I don’t know why this is true but a cat simply cannot resist the pull of an empty box. (Heck, at Casa Jaquandor, the box doesn’t even have to be empty!)

:: You should keep this in mind the next time you think the woman at the cash register at the grocery store is “too slow” or the guy at the parts store seems to be “not the sharpest knife in the drawer” or the girl behind the counter at the fast food restaurant fails to smile perkily enough. Keep in mind that they’ve been putting up with people like you, and worse, all day and if you’re not careful you might just be The One.

:: God, I’m getting tired of those three words, “in this economy.” Seems to me that they’re turning into a convenient excuse for a lot of BS we wouldn’t otherwise be willing to put up with… (Isn’t that the truth. Sometimes I wonder if there’s not a particular breed of manager who hopes for a crappy economy, because then they can screw the employees and have a nice excuse for doing it.)

:: Horror isn’t dead. (Neither is SF, GAWD.) We do not need dudes to save us from this terrifying dystopia. Trust me. The kids are gonna be all right.

:: Let’s face it: as Canadians how often have we been in this situation — having to bitch-slap a Yeti who has decided to get all up in your grill while you are cavorting naked in the snow. (I totally want this fellow doing my cover art when I publish my book. Which will happen after I write it. Sigh.)

:: Sometimes I wonder how the pioneers withstood this kind of heat. Or the native Americans. I suppose they just spent the days quietly, barely moving, staying in the shade or sitting in a stream. Something tells me the native Americans handled it better because they were acclimatized to prairie heat. Nor were they the whiny babies we whites have always been. They didn’t struggle with nature, they lived in harmony with it. (Well, the Native Americans probably didn’t have nearly as many goofy taboos regarding wearing clothes that we do. When it got too hot, they probably removed quite a bit more clothing than we allow ourselves to.)

:: There was, however, a young kid in a uniform sitting at a big desk, so I walked up to him and said what very well may be the most embarrassing sentence I have ever uttered: “Can you please tell me how to get to Pop Tart World?” (Buffalo can’t get a friggin’ sporting goods store to want to set up camp here, and NYC gets Pop Tart World. Ye Gods!)

All for this week. More next!

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