Sentential Links #242

Linkage for the weary….

:: So now we have a fully functional, though still far from finished, kitchen. I suppose I would be betraying The Sisterhood if I admit that I’m excited about something as domestic as a sink but you know what? The Sisterhood can kiss my big fat lily-white hiney. (Why would the Sisterhood be annoyed at a good sink? Sinks are important for everybody, right?)

:: Maureen Dowd is the worst kind of square, is what I’m saying– the kind that thinks she’s “hep”. This makes sense, because she is also the worst type of political columnist, too– the kind that thinks that she’s got it all figured out, and what do you know? If everyone were like Maureen Dowd wouldn’t it be a marvelous world?

:: I love money. I hate money.

:: In Murder on the Orient Express, I wanted Ingrid Bergman to play the Russian Princess Dragomiroff. She wanted to play the retarded Swedish maid. I wanted Ingrid Bergman. I let her play the maid. She won an Academy Award. I bring this up because self-knowledge is so important in so many ways to an actor. (This is actually Sheila O’Malley quoting Sidney Lumet. But what a great quote!)

:: See, we’re not what you’d call a celebrity bar but we do get a name now and then, and when we do it always gives a lift to the shift. A high point to the joint. It’s part of having a bar here in New York City. You might rightly say it goes along with the geography. Stuff just happens here. But you also have to have the right place and treat celebs the right way, meaning not invade their privacy or make a big fuss over them. Sometimes they just want to stop for a drink and be like everyone else, and not be the person or persona that made them famous. At least that’s how I see it and treat them accordingly. (This blog is so terrific!)

:: Blade Runner isn’t about our AI offspring, it’s about us and how we treat each other, our hubris and our compassion, or lack of it. It’s about becoming human, the changing nature of humanity. I don’t think we’re born human, I think we become slowly human, if we learn, over a lifetime. (A fantastic article about Blade Runner, a movie I’m doomed to wish I liked more than I do. By the way, apparently it’s “Dystopia Week” over at

All for this week. Tune in next!

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Oh, I totally understand the Sisterhood thing and the sink. Some black people do it to each other – what's AUTHENTICALLY black. Ticks me off.

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