Sentential Links #246


:: Even now, it stirs a little outrage in me, that teachers get judged not by the quality of their work and their positive effects on their students, but how well they fit the conventions of the most closed-minded members of the community, by people, even, who despise good educations that raise kids to think independently.

:: When critics complain about superhero movies becoming soulless, that’s what they mean. These movies don’t advance the story: they’re about “let’s make a Thor movie that’s just like what the comics would be if they were a movie!” And that’s kind of a shame.

:: People talk a lot about how Star Trek inspired astronauts and scientists throughout the years, but for me, I think it inspired interest in classic literature just as much.

:: Just in case you’ve never been in an airport past 10 PM, let me tell you… things get kinda weird. People tend to let their hair down a bit more than they might when broad daylight is streaming through the skylights above.

:: If Jim Caviezel is to be believed, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a jobbing actor to play Jesus and continue to eat lunch in Hollywood. (This seems odd. As I started reading the article, I thought of a number of actors who played Jesus and then went on to other stuff.)

:: It’s a weird thing, working from home. I’m learning a lot. I learned very early that it is important to wake up, shower, and put on some sort of outfit just as if you were going into an office. The fantasy of lolling about in your pajamas as you do your work wears pretty thin and makes you feel like an insane person circa 3 p.m. every day.

:: Well, I don’t know. Seems like one more corpse on the pile to me. Sorry, but this war, this decade of war has made me cynical. It’s made me not believe in just government on any level, and made me wary and gunshy of my fellow citizens’ glee. If we’re dancing in the streets either the Lakers won or someone’s dead. (I don’t really agree with this sentiment entirely, but I am able to sympathize with it.)

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