Sentential Links #259


::  My first reaction was, What, are they nuts?

::  The evidence, as far as the limitations of the experiment go (that’s important, see below), do not show any effect of cosmic rays on global warming, and say nothing at all about the effect humans are having on the environment.

::  So, on what would have been Billy Preston’s 65th birthday, I’m making a pitch for him to make it into the rock hall as a session musician.

::  Disclaimer: If you don’t shave your face or head, this post may not interest you. (Obviously, I have no practical interest in shaving cream, but it’s interesting to hear about the concerns of those who do, so….)

::  Also, why were her armpits shaved? I realize I am obsessed with body hair, I have mentioned it before (if you’re a tiresome TMI-type, then consider yourself warned). In the midst of end-of-the-world survival, you … what … take the time to scrape your pits with the rusty edge of a garbage can? You have razors on board? Clearly I was not even focusing on the plot, so obsessed was I with her necklace and perfectly smooth armpits in the middle of an apocalyptic universe. (Heh…this particular movie had an awful lot of potential, story-wise, that went completely wasted for many reasons…and I, of course, didn’t notice the shaved-armpit thing. And just like that, I have two shaving-related links in Sentential Links. That must be a first…but I’m not going back to make sure.)

::  Governor Cuomo’s first year in office has been marked by pragmatic success and (except for same-sex marriage legalization) low-drama victories: an on-time budget that left taxes unraised, slashed government workforce, slow balanced approach to hydrofracking and generally competent governance that has left Republicans and Democrats mostly satisfied. The aftermath of Hurricane Irene will test his emergency operation chops, but the flood waters in the North Country and Hudson Valley will eventually recede and he’ll be stronger for it.

::  Of course, ignoring trolls is not always easy, specifically because trolls are angling to get attention in the worst possible way. They want you to engage, and what they do is so obnoxious that you want to engage, if only to mock them. But mocking a troll doesn’t do anything; they can’t be shamed and all they want is a response so they keep doing what they do. Attention is oxygen to the troll. You suffocate them by ignoring them. (Thoughts on how to deal with trolls. I average, maybe, one troll a year here, but you never know….)

More next week!

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    I thank you for the plug. I really think that the Leon Russell pick opens up the HoF to a lot of folks.

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