Sentential Links

Here are some linky things…but first, a lanky thing!

(I know, I know, maybe ‘lanky’ isn’t the best descriptor for Yao Ming, given his level of athleticism.)

:: I wonder if Star Trek has a technology for getting cheese dust off your hands? I mean, something more advanced than the technology we have now. Which is the pant-leg.

:: Okay, here is my plan. I am going to go to the 7-11 on Monday and I am going to purchase a bag of Fritos. Then I will ask the girl how much I need to pay to make generous use of their free cheese and chili and onions. (Ahh, chili and Fritos!)

:: Being defined by your stupid disappointments is petty and makes you pretty boring and small. There’s so much to enjoy in genre, why would you obsess over the things you don’t like? Because you can’t get over it? (I couldn’t agree more.)

:: My personal philosophy is to err on the side of caution. Given the choice, I’d prefer to give too little description and leave you wanting more, rather than give a lot and risk you being bored. (This is my approach too, if it matters….)

:: That’s just hateful, frankly. He has less of a chance at the Republican nomination daily, but all over the country there are people who are voting for this guy, and that is dismaying. People should be crossing the street to avoid him. I feel like spitting between my fingers when I hear his name. (Now there’s an unambiguous take on Rick Santorum!)

:: You never feel as far from self-government as you do in our health-care system. It ought to be a lot harder to barter for someone else’s life.

More next week….

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