Sentential Links

Just a few, so as to feel like I actually got something accomplished….

:: Is it so much to ask that your summer series actually be over by Labor Day? (Sadly…yes, it is. Since new seasons don’t start until late September, that means that wrapping summer stuff up by Labor Day would mean networks have to fill three weeks with not much at all, when they’d much rather have their summer stuff amping up, hopefully increasing viewership and keeping eyes glued to ads for the new shows soon the debut or return. It’s maddening, but that’s the way it is.)

:: Also, he implies but doesn’t out and out say that I’m nuts if I think Harry Potter is a better fantasy series than A Song of Fire and Ice. (The ‘he’ is Lance Mannion’s son, who is frankly nuts if he doesn’t think that Harry Potter is superior to A Song of Ice and Fire, which I’ve made clear many times — including Lance’s own comments — that GRRM’s series is really an enormous mess whose success is due to the impressive nature of its scale (the vastness of the story and the details involved really are extremely impressive) and what I’m increasingly taking as our culture’s current fascination with stories of Awful People At Work And Play.)

:: Rodriquez is the sole custodian of his talent, and he is being reviled for the choices he has made about how to use that talent. I don’t imagine he could be held in lower regard, by just about anyone, but really what is he guilty of? It seems to me that he has been trying to take the maximum advantage of his already substantial abilities, and isn’t that what we expect from athletes? Hell, isn’t that what we expect from everyone? (This will be a placeholder until I address performance-enhancing drugs as part of Ask Me Anything. There’s a lot in Bill’s post that I agree with, though.)

:: Confusing process and result here is not a good thing. It confuses writers who are hungry to know what “being professional” means. The things Ms. Morton describes can lead to being a pro writer, but it’s not the only path, or a guaranteed one, not by a long shot. (This is not a criticism of John Scalzi by any means, but I am noticing that the more I beat my head against the wall of publishing, the less inclined I am to read the advice of those who have made it already. That could just be my innate pigheadedness, but there’s a line that Captain Picard has in the very first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that I’ve always liked: “If we’re going to be damned, let’s be damned for what we really are.”)

:: It’s now 13 years since my dad died, and he’s still in my dreams. (That’s where he really has to be, innit?)

More next week! And if you haven’t already, Ask Me Anything!. Seriously, folks, do you wanna see me beg?

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