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:: I could go on like this, but I hope the point is clear: one can seize on our differences, or celebrate the commonality. Someone suggested to me that some people seem to thrive on conflict, and I’m sure that’s true. It seems to give their life meaning, a sense of engagement. That’s not me. I have my sometimes strong opinions, and I state them, and I’m good with that. If it convinces you, or confirms what you already believe, swell. If not, oh, well. (I’m not linking Roger’s post because he links me in it. Really!)

:: I have a dream. Once day I wish to return to New York City and attend an actual comic book convention.

:: It’s a funny thing, becoming really good friends with someone as an adult. I have friends whom I have known since I was three feet tall. We have grown up together. We have made it through changes, and alterations in our personalities. Oh, so once you were this way, and now you are THIS way, and let’s try to adjust. Sometimes you can’t make the adjustment. People drift apart. But I am fortunate to have friends who “knew me when”. I value continuity. But to make a friend in your thirties. A true friend. An intimate friend. I’ve only got a few of those, and I treasure those friendships so much.

:: For me, it wasn’t so much about being remembered by editors as it was simply a way of connecting to the comics industry on a deeper level than just reading the books.

:: There was a period, back in the late ’90s/early ’00s, when I considered the notion of writing comics professionally. I did eventually realize that I’m simply not that good writing fiction, and what I’m interested in saying with my writing can be better expressed without using broad metaphors like superheroes or sci-fi or whatever. But while I was toying with the notion of becoming a pro, I used a few tactics to increase my visibility. One of which was letterhacking. (This one is linked from the one above…but both are neat, if you ever read the letters pages in comic books.)

:: NOT RANKED: the biscuits. Because even if Popeye’s wants to call the biscuits a side dish, they aren’t a side dish. They are the reason you go to Popeye’s.

:: Seriously, having this man in my corner no matter what crazy goal I have in mind has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. I don’t quite know what I did to deserve someone who puts up with the crazy…but I’m ever so happy and constantly smiling because of him.

More next week. Maybe. If you’re lucky.

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    I wish I had more friends like Sheila's from post-college. There are romantic relationships, but that's a different kettle o' fish.

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