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:: Because I have a theory about rhyme, that we turned away from rhyme at the same time we turned away from dancing as a social and communal recreation, the same time we turned away from gathering around to sing together, the same time we, most of us, more of us than ever before in the history of the world, left our bodies in gray cubicles and began to take up full time residence inside our minds, our best gray thin and sickly approximations of the mind, divorced more and more from our blood, the same time TV came in and our towns began to glow with an eery blue light in summer evenings as the porches emptied and the fireflies and crickets did what nocturnal insects do undisturbed by laughing calling children running through the shadows and the cool dark grass.

:: The question is: How useful or realistic are the ray-guns of yore or the modern revamped directed energy weapons? (Ach, I don’t want ‘realism’ in my SF weapons! I want nifty.)

:: Stephen Donaldson has delivered the third and final draft of The Last Dark, the fourth and concluding novel in The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. This will be the tenth Thomas Covenant novel overall, and is planned to conclude the entire series. (It’s really amazing that this series is still going on….)

:: Don’t feel bad if you don’t remember. You’re not alone. I’m pretty much the forgotten President. This day is always bittersweet for me. On the one hand it’s nice to be honored; on the other I’m the only President who always has to show proof.

:: I am extremely glad to be living in the 21st century right now.

:: Last year was the 100th anniversary of the publication of the first Tarzan story and, frankly, I was disappointed by the lack of celebration overall. Especially by me, but I’ll be happy to point my finger elsewhere as a distraction. Couldn’t we at least have gotten a new Tarzan movie? (Huh…I’m not even sure I noticed our entry into the second Tarzanic Century. Weird….)

:: The astronauts who will live on the Moon in a decade or two are the ones who are playing with Lego now. Seems like a natural extension to me.

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  1. Call me Paul says:

    So, in November of this year I'll be able to go out and but The Runes Of The Earth…

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