Something for Thursday

I’ve probably used this before, but I don’t care. Sometimes only Mr. Sinatra will do, so here’s “One For My Baby (and One More for the Road)”.

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4 Responses to Something for Thursday

  1. scribbler50 says:

    Best saloon song ever! Billy Joel's "Piano Man" a close second.

    Not just songs they're freakin' anthems…

  2. quince says:

    Now that I have stopped drinking, I can't stand listening to Sinatra or Billy Joel.

    or the eagles, led zepplin, lynrd skynrd.

    With a clear head that music is like static from the tv…worthless.

  3. Kelly Sedinger says:

    That may be the single silliest thing you've ever said. And God knows, we're talking about a pretty big sample size.

  4. Quince says:

    Pop music (which includes frank sinatra) was created by executives on the backs of poor blues artisits for the sole purpose of selling records. Since its inception it has been aimed at one demographic pre teenage girls. Pretty people singning catchy songs is nothing more than a jingle.

    Indeed pop music is closer to a jingle than it is classical music if you want to think of it on a continum.

    People want to make pop music more than what it is and that is probably because they relate to it emotionally. No one wants to think the back drop of their childhood was a sneaker commerical.

    Tom Petty has said that pop music is not poetry and than we should not be reading into lyrics. Freddy Mercury said regardless of how much he liked a particular song he wrote he would trow it away if he thought it would not sell. Glenn Frye said he can not even listen to Witchy Woman any more without cringing in embarrassment.

    I am surprised that someone like you does not agree. I mean how many classical music artists died having never been "noticed" for their music only to have it loved years after their death?

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