Ask Me Anything! August 2010 edition

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Ask Me Anything!

Yup, it’s that time again! Or rather, it’s that time already.

See, I’ve always done Ask Me Anything! — well, not always, but the last few years, anyway — in February, as part of my Blogiversary Month festivities. That just seems like too long, though; Ask Me Anything! tends to produce a lot of good posting-fodder, and it’s a lot of fun, so I’ve decided to indulge a thought I had when I wrapped up the last round, this past February, and start doing Ask Me Anything! twice yearly. We’ll do in in February and August, so each one is six months apart. Cool, eh?

So, here we go. Standard rules apply: Put questions into the comments on this post. I’ll periodically kick this post to the top of the blog (or post a reminder), up until Sunday, August 15. Got questions?

Ask Me Anything!

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11 Responses to Ask Me Anything! August 2010 edition

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    1. What is your favorite biopic about a musician? (Singer, instrumentalist, composer.) In fact if you made a list, that would be grand. (Inspired by the fact that there's a movie about Stravinsky and Coco Chanel coming out this year.)

    2. What are your top 10 (or 5 or 20) favorite Beatles songs as performed by the Beatles? As performed by someone else?

    3. What is your favorite reference book? (By book, I mean the thing with pages, not an online source.)

    More if I think of something.

  2. Quince says:

    If I send you $50 via pay pal will you give me an honest review the outline of a novel I am working on?

  3. Bergie says:

    Which is the best country to which one flees come the conservative revolution? Canada is too cold, English must be understood, and I'll need a good internet connection.

  4. Glenn Whidden says:

    In Mirror, Mirror, the evil Capt. Kirk has a device that allows him to destroy anyone he wants to, quickly and cleanly. There is not chance of detection — the perfect crime. If you had been given this device years ago, say when you were 20, would you have used it by now?

  5. Andy says:

    How many INNOCENT sub contractors parishes when those rebel SCUM destroyed the death star???

  6. Pauldub says:

    What, if anything would prompt you to cut your hair and shave your beard?

  7. redsneakz says:

    A serious question, and if it's too personal, I'll shut up. With your losing Quinn, is it still hard (five years later) to read of babies and such?

    A not-so-serious question: Are there any kosher restaurants in the Buffalo prefecture of Blogistan, should I be moved to come that way?

  8. Roger Owen Green says:

    What do you think will happen with issues involving US gay rights in the next three to five years: gay marriage; Don't Ask, Don't tell; the Defense of Marriage Act?

  9. Roger Owen Green says:

    Who is going to be in, and win (pick one or both) the next World Series and/or the next Super Bowl?

    Who will be President of the United States in 2013?

  10. Roger Owen Green says:

    (I wake up in the middle ofthe night and think of THIS question? Yuck!)

    TIME magazine put on its cover recently a picture of a young woma with her nose cut off, presumably by the Taliban. Appropriate or not to put on a national magazine? Is it advocacy journalism?

  11. Roger Owen Green says:

    …and i cannot type in the middle of the night…

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