Sunday Burst of Weird and AWESOME!

Oddities and Awesome abound!

:: In these times of highly charged rhetoric and deep emotional commitments to our various opinions, it’s not at all uncommon to hear of violent actions in our neighborhood watering holes, where opinionation meets with alcohol to form a heady mix.

Case in point: police had to be called to a Chicago bar after a patron took deep exception to a photograph that was hanging on the wall. The photograph was of a deeply, deeply divisive figure in American life. Such a sad, sad story.

Oh, and the person in the photo?

A.C. Slater. You know, the fictional character from Saved By the Bell played by Mario Lopez. This guy:

Actually, come to think of it, I hate that guy. F*** Slater!

:: Maybe it’s because I never took the Keyboarding/Typing class in high school — I’ve been “typing”, in my own way, for so long that actually learning the correct way to do it would not speed my typing up one bit, and this was the case even when I got to high school, so I figured the class would be a giant waste of time. But anyway, I think that might be why I’ve never heard, until now, about putting two spaces after every period. Not that I’m about to start doing that, because this guy says you shouldn’t.

:: Hot chicks in Star Wars shirts. That is all.

More next week!

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