A motto I saw:

Reposted from @jillcoxbooks! 😊

A conversation I’m surprised I haven’t had:

I'm surprised that this conversation doesn't happen more often.... #pieintheface

A snippet of my own writing that I rather like:

There are times when I *really* like my own writing. #amwriting

A sunset:

Not FIVE MINUTES after I took the previous photo, this happened in the WESTERN sky.... #sky #clouds

A cat in my chair:

I guess it's time for my alternate writing location.... #amwriting

A kick-off to my current vacation:

Yes, I am on vacation now, so LET THE WILD RUMPUS BEGIN!!! #Ahhhh #rum #candyisdandybutliquorisquicker #overalls

And on it goes!

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One Response to Things….

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Are those claw marks on the chair? Because it looks like the marks our cats leave on our chairs, especially the black cat.

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