The Thirty Day Challenge!!!

From deep within his Canadian Cave, Cal has been doing these things called “Thirty Day Challenges”. Each day has a topic you’re supposed to post about. I figured, “Hey, I’m game!” So here we go. Hopefully I can get these done daily; that’s the idea. If I do this right there will be fresh content every day for thirty days!

Er…starting tomorrow.

Tune in! (Of course, you’d tune in anyway, even without the promise of content, right? Right? Wow, those crickets sure chirp loudly….)

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One Response to The Thirty Day Challenge!!!

  1. Belladonna says:

    I've heard the new Clash of the Titans dreadfully butchers Greek mythology but I just may have to go see it anyway because Liam Neeson is so yummy. Here I was cruising back links all over your blog and I got STUCK here drooling. Um, yeah, time to move on. In a minute. Or two…

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