Titans 23, Bills 17

Well, I don’t know if the Buffalo Bills are still “mathematically” alive for the playoffs or not, but it really doesn’t matter, because there is zero real chance they could get there. They’d have to win out now just to finish 9-7. Their play this last month, during which they have now lost five straight, has been disastrous.

The game was blacked out here at home, so I didn’t watch it. All I have to go on is stuff I read online, via Twitter and some other places.

For instance, I read that Ryan Fitzpatrick was wildly off target again, missing a lot of open throws. I guess that’s bad, but then I look at his stats from the game — 29 of 46, 288 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT — and I think, “You know, if my quarterback is completing over sixty percent of his passes and averaging ten yards for every completion and he’s not throwing any picks, then maybe he’s not really the reason the team lost.

The reason? The defense apparently couldn’t stop anybody today, which has been the trend for weeks now. They contained the Titans’ passing game, but got lit up by the running back, as usual. There were apparently some questionable tactical decisions by the Bills’ coaches — punting in Tennessee territory, for one thing — but I don’t know much about those.

This team really needs to do two things in the offseason: make sure all the good players are under contract, and then bring in a lot more talent. And yes, it’s all about the offseason up here in Buffalo. We’re good at talking about the offseason. Hell, to look at it one way, the Bills are in the midst of a twelve-year-and-counting offseason.


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