Unidentified Earth 15

OK, since last week’s installment was one day late, I’ll extend the guessing deadline for that one until tomorrow. So don’t look for an answer until then! I seem to have come up with a stumper, since as of this writing, nobody’s even hazarded a guess.

But now, to get this thing back onto its normal Thursday schedule, here’s the new one:

Where are we?

(And as always, please ROT-13 your guesses!)

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5 Responses to Unidentified Earth 15

  1. SAW says:

    Cvpgher lbhefrys va n pybhq ba n evire … Vg’f n evire haqre n pybhq.

  2. Patrick Connors says:

    Guerr Zvyr Vfynaq?

  3. Aaron says:

    Teeeee… Vg vf rknpgyl jung V gubhtug jura lbh svefg cbfgrq vg. V fjrne V sbyybjrq gur jubyr qnza guvat naq qvqa’g svaq gung vzntr, ohg abj gurer vg vf. V guvax Tbbtyr vf zrffva’ jvgu zr. Cnanzn Pnany.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gung vf gur Cnanzn Pnany.


  5. redsneakz says:

    Guerr Zvyr Vfynaq (V thrff guvf dhnyvsvrf nf n “Zr gbb” nafjre)

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