Unleash the cuteness!

OK, for something completely different, here’s a really cute photo that was in an e-mail I received recently. Just because.

Moving on now….

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4 Responses to Unleash the cuteness!

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Is that puppy trying to castle? It looks as though he's moving the rook to the middle of the back row, and presumably the king has not yet been moved. Brilliant strategy that most novice dog chess players cannot master.

  2. Thee Earl of Obvious says:

    Using that same photo one could give the illusion of blondie being naked without really showing anything. You still get the cute quotient while adding subliminal eroticism.

  3. Thee Earl of Obvious says:

    Blondie appears to be in her early 20's

    just sayin

  4. Lynn says:

    Oh wow. Cute attack. I've just been overwhelmed with cuteness. Seriously… that picture is really… too cute.

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