International Talk Like Jayne Cobb Day!!!

I’m a bit bored, so I’m unilaterally declaring today to be International Talk Like Jayne Cobb Day! And how, for you non-Firefly fans, do you talk like Jayne Cobb? Well, you intersperse expletives like Gorram and ruttin’ into your daily discourse, you make sure that your main contributions to conversations involve promoting the virtues of blowing things up with large firearms, and you constantly voice your love of getting paid handsomely for the work you do that you perceive to be much more valuable than it might otherwise be. Fun, eh?

If you encounter a situation that’s a bit out of the ordinary, you can say, “Somethin’ about that’s downright unsettlin’.” You can name your biggest, best gun “Vera”. And periodically offer pearls of wisdom like “If wishes were horses, we’d all be eatin’ steak.” See? It’s easy! So let your Inner Jayne out today!!!
Here’s a good source of Firefly quotes, and let’s all talk like Jayne today, you bunch o’ ruttin’ pisspots!

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2 Responses to International Talk Like Jayne Cobb Day!!!

  1. Thee Earl of Obvious says:

    To all you tree huggers who want me to turn in my gas guzzlers: You cin have mah chevy whin ya cin pry it from mah cold dead fingers.

    BTW.My gun was named "mr perky".

  2. Erin says:

    I'll be in my bunk.

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