Yes, I ate the whole thing.


The “whole thing” being a pork tenderloin sandwich at Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs, a favorite joint of ours. Luckily for us, Frank is located in one of the northern suburbs of Buffalo, a good 35-minute drive away, which means that we don’t get there all that often. This is bad for our love of good food. This is good for our love of good cardiovascular health.

I never had a pork tenderloin sandwich until my college years. These are a Midwestern thing, so that was the time for having them. I loved them almost immediately, these wide patties of pork, pounded flat and breaded and fried and served on a bun that’s too small so a lot of the pork overhangs the sandwich.

The folks at Frank take that last part to extremes. I was probably halfway to being full by the time I had even eaten my way to the bread part of this sandwich. Then I still had the entire sandwich portion of the sandwich to contend with. Oh, and fries.

This was at lunchtime on Saturday. Part of me is still full.


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