Your Daily Dose of Christmas!

OK, yesterday I featured Queen doing “White Christmas”. Freddie Mercury is one of the four faces on my personal Mount Rushmore of popular music voices, so let’s see what I can find by the other three? Here’s Annie Lennox:

Next is Ann Wilson, of Heart:

Unfortunately I was unable to find any Christmas music by the last of my four Great Pop Voices, Sam Cooke. If anyone finds any, let me know! I did find a couple songs by a group that Sam Cooke was a member of, but it’s not clear that the recordings date from when he was a member of said group, so I did not feature them here.

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  1. I’ve seen a few references to Sam Cooke Christmas albums. they refer to Jesus but I’m hard-pressed to call them Advent/Christmas pieces. This for instance:
    Now there IS a version of Amen(which starts the link). done by Belafonte. THAT version I’d consider Advent/Christmas:

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