2014: The Highlight Reel

Here’s a brief rundown of 2014 as it flowed by in this space!

Before links to specific posts and whatnot, a few notes on some series stuff: I did my traditional Ask Me Anything! games in February and August, and I finally put the whole Fixing the Prequels series to bed, finishing up on Revenge of the Sith.

Also, I didn’t blog about movies much, for some reason — probably because I spent a great deal of my writing time this year focused on my own fiction rather than other forms of writing. I do still write about books, but for the most part, my book-related commentary is shifting to my Goodreads account. I welcome followers and friends over there, though! I will still blog about books in this space, but in a more specific kind of way, not so much as “reviews” but as long-form quotes or ruminations on the content thereof. (And generally I don’t offer bad reviews of books, because if I’m not enjoying a book I simply stop reading it.)


On the brewing of coffee
How I edit
On selfies


Sheldon Cooper kisses a girl
A brief bit of FROZEN humor
On worldbuilding and other parts of fiction


Holy crap, we’re moving!
Mr. Wilson
CANDYLAND is a terrible game
A book quiz


(Not much posting in April, because of our impending move)
Painting the walls
Fans can be real assholes.


Fannish discussions suck
Building a Library
How NOT to move


Good morning, Mr. Watterson
On Khan Noonien Singh
The day a sitcom ruined my life
A century since WWI


George RR Martin on writers
Thoughts on The Fault in Our Stars
One badass flashdrive


Responding to Bonding (the “James Bonding” podcast)
A feline love story
In which I dumped a bucket of water on my own head
He should have turned ten


On being a fair-weather fan
This post contains my best tweet EVER.
On overdyeing overalls
On students practicing their instruments
How can FRIENDS be 20 years old?!
My birthday Number One Songs
People who preach ‘positive thinking’ are full of poo


A grab-bag post, which includes my 2014 self-inflicted pie in the face
Advice on NaNoWriMo (which I then promptly failed!)


On owning a dee-oh-gee
Wow, looks like we’re getting a lot of snow
Holy shit that’s a lot of snow
The Millennium Falcon flies again!


Weird shit writers tweet
Where STARDANCER came from
Fixing the Prequels: the Finale

That’s about it, folks! Catch ya in 2015! It’s gonna be an awesome year!

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