A bit of parenting advice

Courtesy Roald Dahl, in his amazing book Danny the Champion of the World. If you haven’t read this beautiful, funny, moving, and exciting story, what’s keeping you!

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2 Responses to A bit of parenting advice

  1. Earl says:

    Walking into dangerous ground with this one. Sparky is decomposing as a word so you have to find a current meaning.

    Do you use "cool"? No way. It is too broad.

    "Fun"? Eh, I mean is this what you want a parent to be? Aren't these the people who never have time for their kids and keep them in the part time orphanages that we call day care all day?

    "there"? Yep, I am ok with this but I don't think the author would agree that this is what he meant.

  2. E. Fulton says:

    I initially misread it as "snarky," and it was still applicable.

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