A man, a plan, a…blanket

Since The Wife has been working remotely at home for over a year, at times she has had to allow Carla to hang out in her home office with her as she works. Carla does have a crate, as does Cane, but we don’t like to crate Carla for long periods of time. (Retired racing greyhounds are used to their crates and even like them.)

The Wife has a particular soft blanket that she likes to use as a wrap for those cold times in her office, but Carla has, in the grand tradition of our domesticated pets, decided that this blanket is hers, and she loves sleeping on it. So much so that the few attempts I made to have Carla hang out in my library while I read or write on weekends met with failure.

After thinking on this a bit, I wondered: maybe I needed a soft blanket of my own! Maybe that would be what I needed to convince Carla to become my Faithful Library Companion dog! Maybe, just maybe!

The Family thought this was jealousy on my part, but I deny this. I will only note that…today I am writing this post from my library, whilst Carla sleeps on her–no, my new soft yellow blanket. No jealousy or manipulation here! Just a sleeping doggo on a rainy Saturday as I write.

As the gods intended!

Carla sleeps. I write.

Carla sleeps. I write.

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