Duck Season! Wabbit Season! No, it’s–

It's flannel season!

Apologies to Chuck Jones, et al.

Yes, it appears that our most recent stretch of warm days is finally over, which means temperatures in the forecast that don’t break above 60 degrees, and even cooler nights. It’s been a long time coming, folks…I’m even hearing that in what I’m sure will be surprising to absolutely nobody, this may end up being the warmest October ever, at least in my neck of the woods. On the anniversary this past week of 2006’s “Surprise storm”, in which lake-effect snow pounded Buffalo, wrecking thousands of trees that hadn’t dropped all their leaves yet, we were in shorts because it was 75 out.

But now, it’s finally flannel season! Readers may remember that I wrote last spring about my newfound appreciation for flannel; well, now the time is here. Huzzah!

Flannel shirt, Key overalls

Flannel shirt, Key overalls

Flannel and overalls: a classic combination!

Flannel and overalls: a classic combination!

Hooray for flannel!

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