A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

Your favorite word of four or more syllables. GO!

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8 Responses to A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

  1. fillyjonk says:


    (Bonus word favorite: sesquipedalian.)

  2. Lynn says:


    Actually that's just the first one that came to mind. I just think it's hilarious that there is actually a word for throwing someone out a window. But if I think about it I can probably come up with several words I like better.

  3. Call me Paul says:

    Favourite word I will never use: Antediluvian.
    Word I love to hate: Bifurcated.
    Am I doing this right?

  4. Roger Owen Green says:


    Bonus word, per Isaac Hayes: hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic

  5. Bonnie McDaniel says:

    Cerulean (a shade of blue). I love color names. They're so descriptive and gorgeous.

  6. Jason says:

    Oddly, the first four-syllable word that came to my mind was… polysyllabic.

  7. SK Waller says:

    The one that seems to come up most in my day-to-day is avocado.

  8. the author says:

    Incandescent. Probably doomed, too, now that the bulbs are outlawed. 🙂

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