A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

What’s your ‘limit’ on social media sites? Not as in ‘How do you limit how personal you get’, but…what’s a prominent social media site that you know of but don’t use because you’re on enough already? I have a LinkedIn account, but I almost never use it (and in truth, I don’t even know what it’s for or why I should use it), and I just deleted an account on something called SchoolFeed because it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be and saw little use for what seemed like a Facebook-clone for people who attended the same school.

(And sorry for the lack of posting this week…downtime has been a bit tougher to come by than usual, and the novel comes first!)

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5 Responses to A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

  1. Earl says:

    Narcissists abound. Facebook is like a class reunion that never freakin ends. I refuse to participate directly instead I use my wife's account. Other than that, nothing.

  2. Unknown says:

    Apart from blogging (does that count as social media?), I only have a Tumblr account. That I love dearly, all the other sites have been pretty much meh for me when I tried them and Facebook had me running in the other direction after five seconds.

  3. mylittlegeekery says:

    I mostly do FB and now Tumblr. It's easier and faster to scan social media using a mobile device than with a PC. Scroll,scroll, scroll… done. Post. Scroll, scroll, scroll… done. Do I post where I am at any given point? Mostly no. I definately turn off mapping features. You don't need to know that I'm at Applebees on Transit at that moment in time. Little too stalkerish for my liking.

  4. Roger Owen Green says:

    Pinterest. I can see the value, actually. Also, Tumblr, now that I think of it. Can't be bothered to learn another password and methodology.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think 1 or 2 is all I care for. I stopped caring about twitter shortly after starting one.

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