A simple drink recipe, in photos

I like making complex drinks and I like drinking complex drinks! But I also like a simple highball in which a bit of booze and a bit more fizzy something combine to make something delicious. If you like lemon, and if you like those Lemonhead candies, well, this is easy and delicious and refreshing.

In a glass full of ice, put two ounces of this:

Then, fill the glass to the rim (so, somewhere between 4 and 6oz, depending on how big your glass is) with this:

It doesn’t have to be that brand, but that’s my fizzy lemon component of choice. Any sparkling lemonade or lemon soda will do.

The result is this:

And it is good.

(Yes, you can add a twist of lemon peel or a slice for garnish, and maybe this tastes even better with a few dashes of lemon bitters, and a nice variation might be 2oz of Deep Eddy lime vodka, or…yeah, I’m off for the kitchen.)


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