A to Z: Zaimont

And so we come to the end of this year’s A-to-Z adventure, with another modern composer, Judith Lang Zaimont. I’ve never heard her music before the other day, so this chalks up as another ‘new to me’ composer, which is great! I’ve enjoyed my mix of music that is totally new to me and music that I know very, very well, over the course of this challenge. For too many years I’ve been content to simply keep enjoying and re-experiencing music I already knew, forgetting often how it was that I got to know that music in the first place. It all started, every single note of every single piece, with me thinking, “I wonder if this is any good?”

To wrap things up, here’s Borealis by Judith Lang Zaimont. I found this work vibrant and energetic and modern, while somehow familiar. Good stuff!

Tomorrow: Nothin’. We’re done. No more alphabet. But we’ll do it again in 2014!

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