A Very Public Service Message: Don’t Order Pizza Tonight

(An annual repost)

Hey folks, I’ve mentioned this before on some previous Halloween’s, but I think it bears repeating. I write from my experience as a one-time employee of one of our nation’s many fine pizza-serving and delivering establishments. Basically, tonight’s Halloween, so you might consider refraining from ordering a pizza for delivery this evening. Why?

For one thing, since there are tons of kids about on the streets, with many of those dressed in dark clothing, many pizza delivery places will be quoting abnormally long delivery times, both because business might be up and because they may well be instructing their drivers to take as long as they need to deliver. Halloween is NOT the night to order a pizza and expect quick service. Believe me.

Secondly, if your household is not observing Halloween and will therefore be leaving all of your outside lighting off in order to dissuade trick-or-treaters, please oh please don’t order a pizza for delivery. Delivering pizzas at night isn’t rocket science, but it’s not ridiculously easy, either, and running deliveries on Halloween is actually pretty stressful when you’re trying to watch out for kids and figure out what house to go to. And if your lights are off, it makes your house even harder to find.

If you still feel that you just must order a pizza for delivery, despite the above, then at the very least, have some sympathy for the driver and increase your tip accordingly. Or just give him a tip at all, for you cheap jerks out there.

Or, you could just go get a pizza yourself, showing up early at the pizza place so you can eat before going out trick-or-treating or whatever. But if you do that, remember, you’re not the only person thinking along those lines; the pizza place will likely be getting an abnormally large number of orders significantly earlier than usual, which will have the expected slowing effect on service.

So, if pizza is on the menu tonight, adjust your service expectations accordingly and don’t be jerks. Or, just make it yourself!

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2 Responses to A Very Public Service Message: Don’t Order Pizza Tonight

  1. Julia says:

    We're lucky enough to get pizzas donated for our City's Halloween event for kids. Part of the donation agreement is that we'll pick it up, which we're VERY HAPPY to do. Sucky thing is because Halloween is on a Friday this year, we're not getting as many pizzas donated because they'll be overwhelmed with orders from paying customers. Either way, I'm still grateful we're getting any.

    Oh yeah, and when in doubt.. go to Wegmans early and get one of their deli pizzas to go and cook it at home. Good stuff in a pinch!

  2. Lynn says:

    This actually might be good news for me. I'm planning to get pizza tomorrow night. So if everyone is ordering pizza tonight there should be fewer people ordering it tomorrow night, right? At least I hope it works that way.

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