All aboard!

Today we took a fall train ride. There’s a train that does scenic rides out of the depot in Hamburg, NY. We did this a year ago and greatly enjoyed it, so we did it again today. It’s an out-and-back ride, covering maybe twenty miles out and twenty back, or maybe less; the train slows way down when going over two trestles that cross the two branches of Eighteen Mile Creek, mainly so people on board can go Ooooh and Aaaaah and take pictures.

First, when going on a train ride, one dresses appropriately. Bring on the hickory stripes!

It was also cool out, hence the scarf. First wearing of a scarf this season!

Also, a couple of the workers on the train complimented my outfit. So that’s two weekends in a row getting compliments on my overalls. Yay! (I really love the hickory stripe pattern, if you couldn’t tell.)

And now, photos. All of these were taken on the return trip, when I got the window seat; The Wife had the window on the way out. WNY is putting on a lovely show so far this fall, I must admit. The stream is Eighteen Mile Creek, which actually has two branches that meet in a confluence a mile or so downstream of each place where the train crosses. The creek is named by virtue of its mouth lying eighteen miles downshore from the beginning of the Niagara River.

I’m told there is lots of good hiking along Eighteen Mile Creek. Cane and I never made it down here. Alas….

If you want to see all of the photos from the ride, plus a video I culled together, it’s all in a Flickr album, here.

Now, photos:

Today was the kind of day when the sun came and went and the clouds moved so quickly you could see their shadows rolling across the fields.

This is just somebody’s yard, but they have three giant willow trees. I love willows. I wonder how the one in front of our old house is doing….

Lots of old railroad detritus on the sidings by the depot.



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