American Graffitoes

Last Sunday, after a day of hiking with the dee-oh-gee through Letchworth State Park (picture post forthcoming), The Wife and I looked for dinner. We found a little pizzeria in Avon, NY that offers gluten-free pizza and has a small GF bakery too, so we dropped by and got a pizza and some wings. Then, in need of a place to eat, we found a small park on Avon’s outskirts. The park is a tiny thing, alongside a waterfall called Papermill Falls. I assume there was a papermill there at one point. Here are the falls:

Papermill Falls, Avon, NY. #waterfall #wny

And this nifty-looking bridge spans the stream right above the falls:

Bridge in Avon, NY. #bridge #wny

But what was most interesting was the picnic table at which we ate. This table was under a small wooden shelter, and it has been painted and repainted quite a few times over the years, and it is also covered with graffiti. In fact, you can see old graffiti underneath the newer stuff, to the point where the old stuff is occasionally unreadable. The whole table is a giant palimpsest of graffiti. It’s really quite something. I had to document it, so here is the stuff we saw (that’s fit for inclusion in a PG-13 blog like this).

Graffiti at Papermill Falls Park I, Avon, NY. The picnic bench where we ate was a graffiti lover's paradise. #graffiti

Graffiti at Papermill Falls Park II. #graffiti

Graffiti at Papermill Falls Park III. #graffiti

Graffiti at Papermill Falls Park IV. #graffiti

Graffiti at Papermill Falls Park V #graffiti

Graffiti at Papermill Falls Park VI. #graffiti

Graffiti at Papermill Falls Park

I am rapidly becoming a fan of finding good, local joints for food on road-trips, and then getting takeout and eating in a park someplace. It’s so much more pleasurable than eating in yet another chain joint that’s just like the chain joints we have at home.

And you never know when your impromptu table will come with its own reading material!

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