It’s here! At long, long last, it’s here: the cover for Amongst the Stars, otherwise known as The Song of Forgotten Stars, book III.

IT'S MY FRONT COVER YOU GUYS!!! #amwriting #ForgottenStars #AmongstTheStars #sciencefiction #spaceopera #soon

Here is the back cover copy:

ANNNNNND, the back-cover copy! I wrote the HELL out of this book, folks. I can't wait for it to be out there! #amwriting #ForgottenStars #AmongstTheStars #sciencefiction #spaceopera #soon

If that’s hard to read, never fear:

Penda Rasharri has heard the call of the stars ever since she first gazed upon the night sky. She hears them still, even after her home world’s tragic destruction and her search in a thousand different skies for a place to call her own. Even now, after being stranded for two years on the planet Xonareth with her young companions, Princesses Tariana and Margeth Osono of Gavinar Five, the stars still call to her.

Now, as the Xonarethi rebuild their cities and look themselves to the stars, Penda and the Princesses wonder if it’s time to renew their search for a way home. But partisans of Xonareth’s former King are driving the planet toward civil war, and unbeknownst to all, a mysterious spaceship — only the second in ten thousand years — is approaching the planet.

Continuing the tale begun in STARDANCER and THE WISDOMFOLD PATH, AMONGST THE STARS is a story of belonging and finding one’s way, of the promise of the future and the persistence of the past, of homecomings and departures…and of one starpilot’s search for the place she truly belongs.

What’s next? Well, I just got my proof copy of the book in the mail the other day, so I still have to make one last pass through the physical copy to correct any lingering errors that I can find. THEN, I’ll announce an actual release date, which will be in May. As has been my usual approach, I’ll be publishing the paperback first, with the e-book to come two or three weeks later.

But between now and then, I won’t be leaving you hanging: the traditional sample chapters will be on the way! Tune in next Tuesday for Chapter One! I will also soon be finalizing plans for offering signed copies of my books through this site (a much-overdue thing) and a policy for offering free copies to reviewers.

It’s almost here, folks! I’m excited!

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