An act of scarvery

I suspect that “scarvery” isn’t a word. Oh well.

In a bit of retail therapy this week, I made my first ever Etsy purchase, from The item in question? A new scarf! Check it out:

Yes, that’s old Will himself, the Bard, Mr. Shakespeare to you.

Here’s a closer look at Mr. Shakespeare:

And the printing at the scarf’s other end:

I can’t wait for scarf weather to return! Actually, for this one, I don’t even need really cold weather, because it’s a much thinner material than my other scarves. I might wear this one on our annual trip to Ithaca in the fall…scarves and overalls are a way of life, folks!
I also made one other small purchase for the library decor, but I don’t have it on the wall yet, so that’s going to wait. It’s cool, though. Really.
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  1. mylittlegeekery says:

    I love Etsy. I have yet to get a bad purchase on it, unlike Amazon.

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