Yes, that’s right! An ANNOUNCEMENT!

I’ve joined the ranks of people with newsletters.


Well, this is strictly a case of me being a follower: it seems like everybody is doing newsletters, so I needed to join the bandwagon.

You can find mine, Dispatches from the Forgotten Stars, right here, and I hope you’ll subscribe!

What will I be writing there? Well, there are a few issues up already, so you can sample them. It won’t be too different than what appears here, really, although since each issue is a self-contained thing, it will read somewhat differently. I don’t plan to echo content from the newsletter on this site, nor do I have current plans to monetize the newsletter content, though I certainly won’t turn away shekels or quatloos that people want to throw my way.

I haven’t totally settled on a publishing schedule for it yet, since I’m still getting my feet wet, but I’m gravitating toward an issue twice monthly (with occasional extra issues as I see fit). The newsletter will be a marketing tool as I hopefully produce more books moving forward, but I also want to provide something that’s not a waste of time to read. I will probably diversify the newsletter’s content as I get more used to it–one idea I like a lot is serializing a story there–so I hope you’ll come aboard!

It’s been rather strange the last few years, as I’ve watched once-prolific bloggers mainly shift toward Twitter and let their blogs kind of wither on the vine…and then, finding they want to write long-form content again, instead of returning to the blogs they instead go to newsletter platforms like Substack and Medium. And that works out great for them, as those sites are monetized. (It also results in some of my favorite commentators producing more and more content that’s paywalled, which is a development I am not in love with–but I’m also not in love with the idea that talented folks not getting paid for their work, either, so obviously I’d rather err on the side of the former.) I’m kind of pigheaded in my refusal to abandon this blog (which is itself a successor to the eternally-appreciated Byzantium’s Shores), but a newsletter that can double as an email marketing list for my books sounds quite useful, potentially.

Anyway, please do check it out and subscribe!


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