And now for something completely different….

Here at Casa Jaquandor, we have our clock radio in the master bedroom set to WNED, Buffalo’s classical music station. We’re not always awoken by music, though: WNED actually leads off every hour with the newscast of BBC Radio, so when we have the alarm set for the top of the hour, we’re awoken not by music but by the voice of some Brit reading the news.

This occasionally has funny consequences — morbidly funny, actually — when the news item they’re reading at the moment the clock kicks in involves some kind of awful tragedy somewhere. We can’t help but laugh when our slumber is interrupted by a Brit saying something like “mangled corpses in the streets” or “the death toll is estimated to be one hundred thousand” or “A meteor strike has annihilated the city of Hoboken”. It’s just the incongruity of having our day kicked off with something awful, read in the matter-of-fact fashion of Brits on the news.

In other news (!), blogging will be nonexistent for the next few days as The Family and I are embarking on a road trip after work today. Enjoy the weekend, Happy Easter, and we’ll return either Sunday evening or Monday morning. (Sentential Links will likely skip a week, btw.)

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