So I just finished doing the manuscript mark-ups for Princesses In SPACE!!! (not the actual title) a short while ago, so blogging can start again. Thanks for hanging in there, folks! (Although the pace will remain on the light side, as I’m starting a vacation this coming Thursday and I have a second draft of the book to generate.)

I have no idea at this point if I’ll be successful in cutting the word count down by the nearly 20,000 words I’d been hoping for, because although there were many spots in the book where I sliced and diced with liberal used of red ink (I refilled a fountain pen with red ink three times for this job!), there were a number of places — not a large number, but a number nonetheless — where I had to add material. So we’ll see how the second draft shakes out, length-wise. That work will begin tomorrow, and I expect it to not take quite as long as the first manuscript mark-ups — I’d love to have the second draft done by mid-October.

And now, to bed….

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