Back in the saddle again!

My right hand is a blur, while my left just sits and watches….

Actually, this photo is from yesterday. After taking a couple weeks off from even opening Scrivener once I finished the Forgotten Stars V draft, I launched it yesterday on a project that I’d been noodling with a bit during 2022, but now I want to actually get it done: a collection of various Star Wars-related essays I’ve written over the years, many in this very space! I figure, other folks have gathered their blog entries for collections, why shouldn’t I? I’m starting with Star Wars because it’s personal, and because I’ve written a lot about it. Should be fun!

I’m going to try targeting March 31 for completion of this draft, and then my hope is to return to The Adventures of Lighthouse Boy, the fantasy duology I’ve had shelved for entirely too long. There are another few projects I’d like to get to this year, but I won’t mention those this far out. And then, in 2024, a return to The Song of Forgotten Stars, as well. Lots of work ahead!


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2 Responses to Back in the saddle again!

  1. Lee McAulay says:

    Good luck with your anthology/collection of essays, I compiled one for my 2021 blog posts and found it a whole lot of fun. Plus, it’s writing you’ve already completed and probably edited, so there’s not much more to to except a bit of tidying and arrangement, and bing! – there’s another book on your personal shelf. Win!

  2. Color me intrigued! I’ve occasionally thought of doing something similar with my own SW posts, but I suspect too many of them fall into ranting territory or are specific to a particular time, and probably wouldn’t be of much general interest.

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