Behold the Hunter!

I bought a new camera prior to our trip to New York City last year, and I’ve spent a bit of time exploring its various shooting modes, including a nifty Moon mode, which basically keeps the shutter open for a few seconds to gather extra light. I’ve been wondering if the camera could thus capture stars, too, so I waited for a clear night (which, in February in Western New York, can be a bit of a wait indeed), and I finally got one tonight. And…wow! Here, folks, is Orion the Hunter (my favorite constellation) in the sky above Casa Jaquandor! Off to the left, the bright star is Sirius, and of course, the Moon oversees all.

Next up: A clear night with no moon! That’s a few weeks off, though….

I finally got a clear night to try my new camera's star photos! Here's Orion, Sirius, and the Moon! 😍😍😍 #stars #orion #moon #sirius #astronomy

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