Bills 17, Redskins 16

This was a strange game to watch. First, the whole Sean Taylor thing; I can’t imagine how gut-wrenching that must be for that team. Second, the way the game unfolded was just…weird. It’s interesting that the Bills apparently believe in themselves, because as a fan, I’m not there yet; the idea doesn’t start seeping into my head that they can win after all until well after they’ve been entertaining that same thought. And that’s why they’re on the field and I’m watching them on the teevee. Anyway:


:: Rian Lindell. Lots of folks like to claim that he’s not a “clutch” kicker, despite his statistical status as the most accurate kicker the Bills have ever had. Well, he was sure clutch in this game, wasn’t he?

:: Trent Edwards played extremely well, I thought, for a rookie. He didn’t lead any touchdown drives (the Bills’ scoring consisted of five FGs and a safety), but he threw for over 250 yards and didn’t turn the ball over at all. He showed more command managing the tempo of the game than JP Losman did most of the time he was here. Now I’m starting to look with hope on what things might be like when the Bills have a slightly better offensive line (they need a new center, I think) and they upgrade their receiving corps and tight ends.


:: Joe Gibbs. Geez, I like that the Bills won, but how bad a call was that at the end, when Gibbs apparently was unaware of a pretty important rule? I’ve always liked Gibbs, even when he beat the Bills in Super Bowl XXVI, but wow, maybe he needs to look into re-retiring from the NFL.


:: For once, nothing, really. This was a gut-check of a game. The Bills didn’t let themselves get buried under the emotion that was running rampant in Washington, they kept their heads clear and played their style of football. This may have been their best executed game all year, and it could be a harbinger of better things to come. We’ll see.

Next week: the Bills host the still-winless Miami Dolphins. They barely got by the Dolphins a few weeks ago, but this one’s at home and the Dolphins will probably be feeling more demoralized now that they got shellacked by the not-very-good Jets this week. I canna wait!

And of course, let’s pray that Baltimore can knock off the New England Montgomery Burnses tomorrow night!

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2 Responses to Bills 17, Redskins 16

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on your win. I’ll always like the bills a bit because they gave Flutie his shot. Of course they screwed with Karma by benching him a game before the playoffs.

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    Well, Baltimore ALMOST won…

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