Bills 19, Ravens 14

Wow — a win! I get to post about a win! Woo-hoo!


:: The Bills’ defense, which played exceptionally hard yet again and this time didn’t fold in the closing minutes.

:: Trent Edwards, who didn’t play spectacularly but played with a good deal of poise. I’m not terribly wild about Edwards yet, but it does say something that in his third career start he’s roughly doing what Buffalo fans hoped JP Losman would be able to do in his second season.


:: The quarterback “controversy”. Last week, in naming Edwards the starter this week, Dick Jauron cited JP Losman’s knee injury, an excuse which everyone knows is bogus and only puts off the actual moment when Jauron has to admit that he thinks Edwards is the best hope for the Bills’ future. That was dumb.

:: Losman’s career in Buffalo possibly being over. I’m pretty bummed that Losman apparently hasn’t panned out as a starter and is likely on his way out, because frankly I like the guy enormously. You have to go with who wins, obviously, or who appears more likely to become the guy you’re looking for. If Losman’s not the guy, then Losman’s not the guy, and so be it. But the way the staff is letting him twist in the wind is pretty cold, since he’s never shown himself to be anything other than a team player and a community guy.

And if Losman’s time here in Buffalo is at an end, I do hope that he becomes a quality starter someplace else. I still hope he has success and isn’t just a career backup. And I hope that’s in the NFC, so we don’t have to see him all that often.


:: Is offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild going to call a dumb pass play in every late-game obvious running situation that comes up this year??? He made such a call again, and it hurt the Bills tremendously: leading by twelve and deep in their own territory, the Bills faced a third-and-eight situation. Obviously you run the ball, grind more time off the clock, and then punt. Fairchild, however, calls a pass. Which the rookie QB misfires, resulting in a pick that later gets converted into a touchdown. Ugh.

:: The lack of size on the defensive line. If this team had a big run-stopper in the middle, imagine how good things would be right now.

:: Tom Effing Brady and the rest of his evil, stinking team. God, I am the biggest Colts fan on Earth right now.

Next up: at the Jets, with a late kickoff. That’ll be cool; I like the occasional late kickoff.

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3 Responses to Bills 19, Ravens 14

  1. All Things Jennifer says:

    Join together with the hatred of Brady!

    But OHMYGOD did he produce the fantasy points for my future intended.

    Good golly!

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    The Bills SHOULD beat the Jets – two in a row? And I’m rooting for the Colts, too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Patriots are not in it to win this year. They are instead on a mission to crush the hopes and dreams of all non-Pats fans everywhere.

    You have been warned.

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