Bills 38, Dolphins 17

Wow, they’re actually in playoff contention! I certainly never expected this. I still don’t expect them to actually make the playoffs, but the Bills have turned in one gutsy season, haven’t they?


:: Trent Edwards: poise, confidence, and he showed that he can throw deep. Sorry, JP, but Trent’s our boyfriend now.

:: Marshawn Lynch and Freddie Jackson, the newest Dynamic Duo of running backs. Here’s hoping we’re looking at the second version of Thurman Thomas and Kenneth Davis!

:: In the playoff hunt!

:: Over .500! Seriously, that to me is huge, especially the way this season started. Remember, I forecasted a 5-11 finish for this team, figuring that if they could go 7-9 with a younger group of players than the squad from last year that also went 7-9, I’d be highly impressed. And now, with three games left, they’ve equaled that win total. Wow.


:: John Beck. It’s not like the Bills feature one of the NFL’s stiffest defensive lines, but man, did Beck look like he had no idea what was going on. So far I’m not impressed.

:: The Dolphins. Man, have they fallen on hard times. Wow.


:: Bills safety George Wilson, who is now out for the year with a rib injury. This is a guy who was converted to safety from wide receiver, and has been playing quite well in that role. Bummer.

On another NFL note, I hereby proclaim Steelers safety Anthony Smith the NFL’s Biggest Dumb-ass. Guaranteeing a win against the New England Richard Nixons? Come on! Why would you give those guys anything for their bulletin board at all? Sure, they’ve obtained their talent by consuming the souls of the innocent in blood-soaked rituals convened upon an altar of stone by the light of a full moon, but they’re still the NFL’s best friggin’ team. Yeesh.

I’d like to see someone try reverse psychology against these guys. Have someone say, “Wow, they’re going to kill us. I just hope we manage to only be behind by ten points as we go into the second quarter. We are so screwed.” As soon as I saw that quote in the news last week, I immediately thought, “Well, so much for the Steelers restoring goodness and integrity to football. Maybe the Jets can do it the week after.”

Yeah. Because if there’s one group of guys who can pull it off, it’s the Jets. And if Luke hadn’t been there for the Battle of Yavin, Porkins could totally have destroyed the Death Star.

Next week: Buffalo at Cleveland, in the first really meaningful game, playoff-wise, for the Bills since the 2004 season finale (when they lost to the Steelers in a game that would have put them in the playoffs had they won). The Bills pretty much have to win out to make the playoffs, and anyway, this is their last game against an AFC opponent (their last two are against the Giants and Eagles), so for tie-breakers, this one’s essential. How likely is a win? Who cares? I’m really starting to think that the Bills may be a serious contender next year, depending on how their draft and free agent acquisitions turn out.

The New England Nixons may have the wins…but there’s no doubt that the Bills are the character champions of the NFL. Too bad they don’t hand out the Lombardi Trophy on that basis!

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2 Responses to Bills 38, Dolphins 17

  1. All Things Jennifer says:

    I’m nervous…I’m gonna be in Cleveland next weekend with friends. If the game is close and the Bills don’t come out on top, I will be a very very sad sack.

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    The Bills CAN beat Cleveland; whether they will…well, that’s why they actually PLAY the game. The week after, I’ll be torn in my support; though NYG can probably afford the loss more, they’ll have to play the Nixons at the end of the season. The Bills can definitely beat Philadelphia, which is a pretty good team that finds ways to lose.

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