Black Dickies overalls: The cool details

Years ago I was idly searching eBay and saw a pair of Dickies overalls in black. Finding overalls in black can be difficult, and the price was right, so I snapped them up. Unfortunately, they were of a kind of odd sizing, with a label indicating “XL” as opposed to the more traditional waist-and-inseam measurement, and these were just never quite there for me as an option.

Until now. I’ve been losing weight very slowly and very steadily over the last couple of years, with the result that I can at last get into these comfortably.

In black

Personally, I think they look kind of nifty.

And even more cool is that when I looked at them up close, I discovered that they’re not a pure black, like my black Carhartt’s. It turns out that these are actually a pair of Hickory-striped overalls, that the fine folks at Dickies dyed into blackness. You can see the stripes up close, which is really cool:

Detail on the black Dickies overalls. Turns out they're hickory-striped overalls dyed black! How cool is that! #overalls #Dickies #HickoryStripe

And I dig the black Dickies brand tag, which is red on every other pair of Dickies that I own (save two, on which the tag is white). These are seriously cool.

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3 Responses to Black Dickies overalls: The cool details

  1. Andy says:

    GOOD CALL!!!!! Dickies RUUUUUUUULE!!!! I'm thinking of getting some black Carharts. THOUGHTS????

  2. Kelly Sedinger says:

    Black Carhartts are awesome! I also have a pair of deep brown ones and a pair of hunter green ones! They don't make the green ones anymore, at least not in "regular" overalls (I don't need thick quilting or anything like that), so I had to go to eBay to find 'em. I need a pair of the light brown/tan Carhartts, and then I'm good!

    (The answer to "Should I buy these overalls?", by the way, is always "Yes.")

  3. Unknown says:

    I had done the same to an "extra" pair of osh kosh b'gosh that I have ……the look is very similar.

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