Earlier today on one of the Social Media Platforms, a friend and I noted the fact that the word bugs really does seem to be more inclusive of just insects, doesn’t it?

Or, when you refer to bugs, are you referring to just the six-legged critters only?

I definitely fall in the former camp. I mean, take the horrific Attack of the Giant Bugs scene in Peter Jackson’s King Kong. Some of those beasties are boasting well more than six legs, but they are all terrifying bugs. If it’s got more than two legs, and it’s got an exoskeleton, and if it would freak me the hell out to have it crawling on me, well, that there’s a bug. (I do except spiders from this. Spiders are always spiders, and I try not to kill them, but if they’re on me, well then, all bets are off and my instincts–which are set to “GAHHHH KILL IT WITH FIRE BECAUSE IT’S ON ME!!!”–take over. Sorry, spiders. I can’t override that.)

And yes, this post is really an excuse to post one of my favorite bits from Calvin and Hobbes. This is when he produces a “report” on bats based on a single “fact” that isn’t even a fact (that bats are bugs), his audio-visual aid is a tracing of the Batman logo, and he thinks he’s guaranteed a good grade because he put his report in a clear plastic binder. Ah, Calvin!





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One Response to BUGS!!!

  1. Roger says:

    Spiders are bugs. Earthworms. Pretty much anything you could find under a rock. But bats? I’ll have to contemplate that.

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