Checking In….

Well, on the day the world “went viral” in the worst way possible, my hard drive died, remember? So into Best Buy and the Geek Squad the thing went. Now the computer is home and has a spiffy new solid-state hard drive, which I’m told is better for speed because there are no moving parts. The tradeoff is less storage capacity, but I’m fine with that as I have several external hard drives, two cloud-storage accounts, and a bunch of flash-drives. I’m good.

Of more concern, obviously, is the unfolding disaster of the Coronavirus. We’re doing fine thus far at Casa Jaquandor. I’m still working, which is good because my workplace (grocery store, for those who don’t remember) is exceedingly unlikely to be forced to close because of this event. The Daughter is working at her fast-food job, which is going fine, because they’re takeout-only, and The Wife is now working at home for her banking job. So far, so good. Short of me being able to work from home too, I think we’re in as good a position to ride this out safely (whilst still pulling in our incomes) as is likely to exist. Of course, that this state of affairs constitutes a really good position for riding this crisis out is a statement in itself, but that’s a thought for another time. For now, we’re doing well, thought I must admit to being a bit on the ragged side right now, because the flip side of having a pretty safe job in a pandemic is that we’ve been getting our asses kicked for…about a week now. Ouch!

So, more to come soon. For now, since I missed both Tone Poem Tuesday and St. Patrick’s Day, here’s the United States Marine Band playing “Irish Tune from County Derry,” arranged by the great Percy Grainger.

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