Christmas ’12, in pictures

I’ll put this below the fold, as it’s a lot of photos and such….

There’s a park by the library where they put out a bunch of Christmas trees and let families decorate them.

Christmas trees in OP

I have a tie-dyed Santa hat.

Hippie Santa

I was already planning to watch this movie that weekend…but two days after the school shootings in Newtown, I really needed to see it. No, I do not think this is trite or inappropriate. Storytelling and engaging in story is one of the very oldest ways humans have of dealing with the world and framing it in such a way as to make it bearable.

My god, do I need this movie right now. #LoveActually

I’ve missed out on the McRib the last few times it’s come through the McDonald’s menu. Not this time, huzzah!

Finally, that itch is scratched! #McRib

The Daughter’s main haul was books and video games. I made sure to get some stuff that I’ve read and can vouch for, even if she’s not the SF fan that I am. I can hope, can’t I? (If she knows what’s good for her, she will read Princesses In SPACE!!! (not the actual title) when it comes out. And she will like it. Oh yes.

The Daughter's haul, pre-wrapping. Don't tell her!

There was also this nifty item. Guess what it says when you squeeze it!

Betcha can't guess what it says when you squeeze it!

I confess to being a not-terribly-great wrapper of gifts, but this is mainly because I get lazy, not because I don’t know how to do it:

Yes, I can wrap presents all nice and such. I just...don't.

By way of Christmas treats, I made a batch of what is around these parts called ‘White Trash’. I really don’t like that name, but it seems to be the most common term. It’s rice and corn chex, Cheerios, pretzels, and M&Ms, all folded into melted white chocolate chips. It’s fantastic stuff, but freakishly addictive when you start eating it.

White trash! (Still hate that name.)

I’ve already made a second batch, this time with butterscotch chips. And I added salted cashews, because I just adore the salty-and-sweet flavor combination.

The tree? The same tree as every year:

The tree, 2012

But with a few new ornaments, as always. Notice a fellow on there who looks a little like King Henry VIII? That’s King Henry VIII!

Henry VIII and Katherine Parr (Queen #6 of Henry's, and the one who eventually outlived him).

There are a couple of new ornaments this year, as is true every year (although we’re getting to the point where we may need a second tree!). This year we added a retro rocket ship and a flying saucer with the alien piloting it:

Retro rocket ornament

LGM ornament

And all the favorite ornaments are back, like the ship in the bottle and the Nativity with the light in it:

Templar ship in bottle ornament

Nativity ornament

And of course…a visit to see Little Quinn on Christmas. Or at least, the physical location of his former vessel.

Christmas with Little Quinn.

Wherever he is, I hope he has a lightsaber. And other shiny things!

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