Could someone beat Chris Matthews with a large rubber stick, please?

The host of Hardball in on the Today Show right now — oh, mercifully, he’s just ended — and my God, is he always like that? (I don’t have cable, so I don’t get to see his show much. To my pleasure, I suspect.) First of all, there’s his speaking style, which is as close to a perfect, pure monotone as anything I’ve ever heard, including comedian Steven Wright. It’s nearly impossible to tell where Matthews ends one sentence and begins another, which would be hypnotic if his voice wasn’t whiny to begin with. But then, at one point, he’s going on about which Democratic candidates in Iowa are cold because it’s cold there right now because it’s winter and he just saw the Edwards campaign bus roll by and Senator Edwards waved from inside where he was warm but it’s cold outside in Iowa and it’s like football where teams that are used to playing in the cold win and man is it cold.

The wife and I literally said, at the same time, “What the hell is he babbling about?”

How do the political bloggers out there watch Matthews and these people on a regular basis?

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