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A couple of nifty links:

:: ABCNews has a nice article about people who collect things that actually doesn’t make collectors look like, well, weirdos of The Simpsons‘s “Comic Book Guy” variety.

:: Slate has an interesting article making the case for Randall Cunningham as a member of football’s Hall-of-Fame. I never thought that Cunningham’s career was quite up to that level, but after reading this, I’m not so sure. And that touchdown pass of his against my beloved Bills in 1990, where he dropped back into his own end zone, ducked under a certain Bruce Smith sack (and this was Bruce Smith in his prime, mind you) and then put the ball in the air for what turned out to be a 102-yard touchdown pass, remains etched on my brain after twelve years. (The Bills won that game, by the way.)

:: More football stuff. (Get used to it!) All the ESPN gurus have their predictions up on one handy page. The Rams appear to be a majority pick to win it all, although it’s not unanimous. What is unanimous is that nobody is picking the Patriots to repeat. On a page to himself, of course, is the Tuesday Morning Quarterback, who is back writing football-related haikus.

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