That’s right, folks…it’s time for the official cover reveal for THE WISDOMFOLD PATH! Check it out, below the fold!


Click through for the full versions.

The back cover copy reads:

Turning seventeen should be a happy occasion, but for Princess Tariana Osono, it is anything but. Even though her arrival on the mysterious planet Xonareth — along with her younger sister, Margeth, and their enigmatic ship’s navigator, Lt. Rasharri — has freed that world from a ten-thousand year exile from the stars, they have still not found a way home, thousands of light-years across the galaxy.

Meanwhile, Xonareth’s last two remaining cities face a new danger. As they struggle to restore the quickly-dying Cintronia crystals that are their only source of power, a shadowy movement emerges, dedicated to severing Xonareth’s last ties to the long-fallen Arrilori Star Empire that imposed their exile so long ago. Led by a mysterious woman known only as Yarreen, this movement will drive wedges into families, set brother against brother, and test Tariana’s newfound powers and legacy as a Stardancer like never before. And when the darkest moments come, the key to Xonareth’s future may lie not in Tariana, but in Margeth, whose own path to an uncertain destiny is just beginning to unfold.

Continuing the story begun in STARDANCER, THE WISDOMFOLD PATH is a tale of sisters and brothers, of children and parents, of secrets and history, of lies and truths, of loss and love, of despair and hope…and of a ten-year-old girl rising above herself in ways she never expected.

Now who in their right mind wouldn’t want to read that? The book hits the world on November 10. Next week, the first of two sample chapters might just mysteriously show up!

Onward and upward! Zap! Pow!!


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