Darth Abrams?

According to a number of media reports, JJ Abrams is directing the first Star Wars movie of the Disney era. I’m mostly fine with this — of all my myriad problems with Star Trek 2009, none of them were in the film’s execution or direction. I thought that Abrams made a fine explodey-spaceshippy-goodness movie, so if he’s directing Star Wars, yeah…I’m fine.

I don’t want him writing it, though. I’ve never cared for his work as a writer. Nor do I want Orci and Kurtzman to write it, either. Because they are, frankly, terrible writers.

If only there was a writer out there somewhere, well-steeped in Star Wars and space opera, waiting for his big break…if only…doo de doo de doo….

Long live Star Wars!

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2 Responses to Darth Abrams?

  1. M. D. Jackson says:

    I'd pay good money to watch a Star Wars movie written by Jaquandor. I'd even stand in line for an hour.

    It'd have to be real good to make me buy the Blu-Ray, though.

  2. Geoff Valentine says:

    I'm with M. D. on this! Well, I wouldn't stand in line for an hour. But I wouldn't willingly do that for anything.

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